Practical Nihilism

by Dark Twin

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released April 19, 2014

All Instrumentation and vocalizations by Alex Arnold, Derrick White, Lance Tasman, and Mathew Deane
Recorded by A.A. Arnold and M.L. Deane
Mixed by A.A. Arnold
Mastered by Ryan Chamberlain @ Bacon Industry Audio (



all rights reserved


Dark Twin Columbus, Ohio

Grimy. Stoney. Weird.

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Track Name: Rules of Enchantment
Thrown, from the timeline.
Everything shall freeze.
Everything but me.
Thoughts come so clear.
Watching from the outside, I see my body fall.
Then everything, collapses around me.
This tapestry, becomes nothing!
On this plane.
(See my body fall.)
In this field.
(The astral realm surrounds.)
Abandoning the body.
(Nothing feels more real.)
For a truth that can't be sealed.
(I've finally learned to feel.)
Then everything, collapses around me.
Reality goes blank.
Track Name: Love Triangle
You lie, in bed supine.
Grinning, because you're mine.
You're not ready, for the ruckus that I bring!
Sinking, my teeth in your thigh.
It's not a lie, to taste you blows my fucking mind!
I want so much to love you.
But hate's as good a reason.
Often, I feel the need to...
Take my aggression out on you.
In a loving way!
Loving ways!
In loving ways.
Yeah, loving ways.
Well I guess this joke's on me...
It never meant anything.
Just what were you expecting?
In loving ways.
Yeah loving ways!
Track Name: Practical Nihilism
What's the fucking point?
Poison in my mind.
Putrid, rotting soul.
Futile, uphill climb.
Nurturers met by crooked stares...
"Foolish not to scrutinize."
Steel gripped by bitten hand.
"I'll never try to help again."
Hide behind these civil eyes.
No one knows what I've become.
Pariah in my own mind,
Ambition-less, yet fueled by love.
No one knows what I've become.
Fade into the blackened sky.
Burn out in the scorching sun.
You don't know me, you fuck.
Don't tell me I'm not a failure.
You don't know me that well.
Mainline ambiguity, it is my favorite drug.
This social ladder we climb, with each rung more I die.
Create another me, so I can hide inside.
Hide! Inside, the recesses of, a place I die, a little each time...
I hate every fucking thing you stand for.
I have nothing to keep me here.
What's the fucking point?
Poison in my mind.
Putrid, rotting soul.
Futile, uphill climb.
What's the fucking point?
Track Name: I Thought I Had A Future
Mother, Father, closed my eyes.
Took it all in, just like you did.
Standing for a flag's a lie.
Trapping of the mind.
Blinded by the light of dreamland.
I can be anything, as long as I remain DEAD!
Illusion of free will and rights that we are fed.
Our jobs are now dead ends.
Hands are terrorist weapons.
Scraping the bottom, we are the enemies.
With our fingers in the dirt.
Trying to exhume, the American dream!
But all I find, are skeletons of our past sins.
Rich men bathed in blood.
With stretched skin over fake grins.
But all I find, are skeletons of our past sins.
Transparent eyes, of red with hunger for control.
With false gods at heart and corrupted plastic souls.
Singing "I am the way!"
The only way to bliss, is my democracy.
Mom and Dad, I closed my eyes, then I opened them, took it all in. Watched all those beatings that you took, and all you would give. I made a vow: "NEVER A VICTIM. NEVER THE TYRANT. NEVER AGAIN."
Track Name: Dynasty In Ruin
A tyranny awaits, based on the past...
To assemble fates, translate to caste.
Will this, burden our hopes, and confuse the future?
As if, we're puppets on ropes, stitched in time to our sutures?
Cut the strings!
Cut, the strings even if we bleed.
Break, cyclical rings based on need.
Now, you can't feel this control.
Isn't this, the desire of the free soul?
In a seven year cycle:
Nothing is coincidence, when you repeat the trial of a time-tracked defense.
Time-tracked defense.
Track Name: Caveat Emptor
You could've been my main squeeze.
Despair up to your knees.
A failure embrace for all that it's worth.
Hold tight! As we crash into Earth.
Life trap! A cycle of losing.
Escape! The sweet release drink brings.
Life trap!
Medusa's locks flow freely in this pit slithering over me.
Constricted by coils.
Eat my fucking heart out!
Pull me down.
Watch me drown.
Your cute, little foot, stepping on my head.
Face is turning blue, I pull off your shoe...
I know this is truly...
This is truly...


Failures and lies.
My legacy.
All that's left of me when I die.